Jamescomp - Private lessons teaching computer programming 
                              .. One on one teaching and explaining.
                             From ages 5 up...
Using computer games as a basis for younger learners or applications for older learners.
                               Learn programming techniques or how to make applications, on either a Mac or a PC in Java programming language.
                               Follow the same steps I took from a young boy to become a programmer for both Novell and then Xbox.
                             One on one in my home office, I can explain programming concepts in a reasonable way, how I came to understand them as a pre-teen and beyond. Just bring a PC or MacBook. No programming software required. - it is downloadable from the Internet.
                             ...With the goal being to teach concepts to the level of personal game / application creation, I can also isolate concepts that need effective clarification and                                           explanations.
                             I will also suggest exercises and work to be done at home to practice the lessons. moo@moop.com
                              test@test.com   dog@moop.com         pierrewiet@griboux.com test@tube.com
                        Also, I like to have children accompanied by a parent / guardian.
                               My programming ability was invaluable in many junior high and high school projects.
I teach all ear round, except December.
                          For a Half hour lesson, I charge $20

                          45 mins                         $30 
                          1 hour                          $40
                          Email james@jamescomp.com or phone 910-274-8576 for questions.